AWARE 2nd workshop with stakeholders in Ohrid

The second AWARE workshop of WP3 aimed at improving awareness and implemenation of European farm animal welfare policies in new member state and candidate countries. The workshop was held on 7-8th of October, 2013 in Ohrid, R. Macedonia. In order to achieve enhanced input from relevant interested parties across Europe, wide range of 45 stakeholders from 14 European countries participated at the meeting, namely representatives from farmer’s and consumer’s organizations, as well as international and national NGO’s; representatives from national state veterinary offices, European and National veterinary associations, educational and scientific institutions.

The workshop started with short introduction of AWARE and the achievements of WP3, such as Regional Advisory Committee, AWARE Database etc. The European organizations presented their scope of work in regard to animal welfare, setting the ground for the working groups. Working groups were created discussing the topics of Policy advice scheme, Policy instruments, Policy improvement cycle and Policy of vocational education and training. At the end, each working group presented their ideas and attitudes toward the given topics from their different stakeholder background and plenary general discussion was performed. Recommendations were made on how to transpose successful schemes of implementation of animal welfare legislation in a way that will be useful for farmers. The major output of the workshop are materials that will be used for creation, by WP3 of AWARE, of a guidance document.

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