AWARE mobility desk
PhD position offer on "Sow welfare and sensortechnology" at ILVO Merelbeke Belgium.
Start: spring 2014.

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  1. 2014/01/24AWARE mobility desk
  2. 2014/01/24AWARE mobility desk
  3. 2013/12/31AWARE workshop in Uppsala
  4. 2013/12/31AWARE mobility desk
  5. 2013/12/31AWARE 2nd workshop with stakeholders in Ohrid
  6. 2013/11/29The Joint East and West Central Europe ISAE Regional Meeting
  7. 2013/10/25AWARE workshop ‘Improving skills in networking and proposal writing for international research projects’
  8. 2013/10/15Short Term Research Missions
  9. 2013/09/24Meeting in Skopje
  10. 2013/09/05Job offer in France
  11. 2013/07/30Job offer in Portugal
  12. 2013/07/30Job offer in Spain
  13. 2013/07/12Reg ISAE 2013 in Skopje
  14. 2013/07/02Meeting in Skopje, 2013
  15. 2013/06/18AWARE mobility desk
  16. 2013/06/14AWARE Eastern Balkan meeting
  17. 2013/06/14AWIN 2nd Annual Conference
  18. 2013/06/11Horizon2020 - LinkedIn discussion
  19. 2013/05/27AWARE meeting of East Central and Baltic Regional Advisory Committee
  20. 2013/05/03EUWelnet project
  21. 2013/02/15AWARE Workshop for Research Leaders in Athens
  22. 2013/01/11Workshop for Research Leaders in Bratislava
  23. 2012/12/13AWARE Workshop "Lecturers Helping Lecturers" in Bratislava
  24. 2012/12/13AWARE Workshop ’Lecturers helping Lecturers’ in Athens
  25. 2012/12/13AWARE workshop on EAAP in Bratislava
  26. 2012/11/26AWARE Mobility Desk informs:
  27. 2012/11/26AWARE Meeting of Western Balkan Regional Advisory Committee
  28. 2012/11/25AWARE roadshow in Tallinn, Estonia
  29. 2012/11/05AWARE Mobility desks informs
  30. 2012/11/05AWARE mobility desks informs
  31. 2012/10/22Mobility Desk
  32. 2012/10/15AWARE Mobility desk informs
  33. 2012/09/27AWARE "Workshop for Research Leaders" in Athens
  34. 2012/09/27AWARE workshop "Lecturers Helping Lecturers" in Athens
  35. 2012/09/20AWARE - AWIN workshop at ISAE 2012 in Vienna
  36. 2012/08/16Bilateral exchange between Kosovo and Austria
  37. 2012/07/31Workshop in Jastrzebiec, Poland
  38. 2012/07/19Road Show in Hungary
  39. 2012/07/19Road Show in Slovakia
  40. 2012/07/10Roadshow in Poland
  41. 2012/06/19AWARE presentation in Croatia
  42. 2012/06/13Road Show in Croatia
  43. 2012/06/11Mobility desk
  44. 2012/05/23AWARE at ‘EAAP 2012’
  45. 2012/01/13Road show to Turkey
  46. 2011/12/12AWARE agrees on collaboration with other projects and organizations
  47. 2011/11/28Mapping farm animal welfare research and education in an enlarged Europe in progress